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Cyprus Search Engine for Professional Services

Finhub was implemented few years ago by introducing a smarter way of selecting professional service providers. Its design ensures that both the users and the professional service providers match in an effortless manner, without wasting valuable resources in meetings, repeating the same material and communication.

Users enjoy more flexibility and receive fast binding quotations from our pool of vested licensed service providers, a process which helps them both tremendously.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way quotations for professional services are obtained with direct impact on the environment and ecosystem as everything is performed electronically. This mean less time driving to meetings, less paperwork, less telephone calls and as a result, more time available to both, our users and our service providers to do the things that matter the most; focus on their core operations.

I had this idea for many years in mind and somehow this has now become my mission in life. Finhub Cyprus is the solution for those businesses in need of their first service provider, a replacement of an existing adviser or a perfect supplement to the existing services they enjoy.

Similarly, for our service providers, Finhub is another way to market their business, reach new audiences and increase their business.

We know what matters

Being in the field of the audit and assurance industry for decades, servicing local and international clients, we know what really matters. From the acquisition of the client, to the servicing and their retention, it is all about relationships and trust. These relationships and trust are vital to us and we thrive to secure them through your experience with Finhub.


Designed for Lawyers, Auditors & Immigration Experts

FinHub is the solution to thousands of Cyprus Companies who aim to find the appropriate service provider to cater their professional needs. In seconds, the business owner will be able to submit their request to qualified service providers and obtain quotations from several service providers. No more telephone calls, unanswered e-mail requests or quotations out of budget! We have combined tens of years of experience to revolutionise the way business is being conducted. We want to save you time so that your focus is where it should be. Switching lawyers, auditors and tax consultants will never be the same. Try our service and let us know what you think!


Years Of Experience In This Field

Quotations Offered by FinHub's Service Providers:






Why You Should Try Us?

  • Accurate, Within Budget Quotations without Human Interaction (to save you time).
  • Save the owner/ finance director Time, Effort & Energy searching for qualified accountants, auditors and tax consultant. Finhub is a tool that enables you to compare quotes and make informed decisions on who your service provider will be.
  • Designed by Auditors, Lawyers and Tax Consultants for Cyprus Businesses
  • Eliminate stress and inconvenience, process is designed to be quick and efficient
  • It takes less than 60" , what do you have to loose.

Our Why

Being accountants, auditors and tax consultants ourselves, we have been spending too much time in meetings with prospect clients, going through their records to realise they were not fit to our clientele profile and visa versa. We wanted to find a way to reduce the initial calling time, introduction time, e-mail receipt of information / documentation and subsequent meeting for the pricing.

There had to be a better way. And we have found it!!! FinHub does all of the above. Go ahead, give it a go

FinHub Cyprus

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