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Trust, safety, security

Finhub Design & Security

We have put decades of experience in the field, in one marketplace, called Finhub! 

A place where anyone can obtain accounting, audit, tax and advisory quotations for free, fast, without any commitment to proceed with the offers. A place where the audit and assurance firm can increase its clientele by registering to our network. 

Finhub takes your privacy and provision of sensitive information seriously. 

We use the latest data protection technology and we are fully compliant with the EU GDPR requirements. In addition we only use fully licensed. Locally and internationally regulated audit and assurance firms who deal with sensitive information on a daily basis and which are frequently regulated by their professional associations of the ACCA and ICAEW.


Protecting your identity and data is our top priority

Finhub uses the most sophisticated security and best practises offered by the largest software providers to create a safe and secure marketplace. 


Data protection

Finhub receives sensitive financial information such as trial balances, detailed ledgers and financial statements which must be protected and securely stored electronically. 


Finhub secures your documents as follows: 

A) encrypted and stores in 2 different locations via azure cloud which is the most sophisticated and secure network offered by Microsoft 

B) fully compliant with GDPR rules 

C) management of Finhub are members of the ICAEW and ACCA and take the upmost due care and skill when it comes to the usage of your date 

D) Finhub’s service providers are all members og ICAEW and ACCA, the most prestigious international accounting bodies which can cost their membership if sensitive information and clients data are misused.  


Encryption processes

Finhub uses the latest technologies to ensure your data are secure from online and offline breaches either from raw data or backups. This is achieved with the most advanced encryption processes and algorithms making as secure as possible. 


Technical Characteristics

  • Transparent Data Encryption (Encryption-at-rest)  
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for SQL Database,  
  • SQL Managed Instance,  
  • AES encryption algorithm 
  • Built-in server certificates 

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