How to use Finhub to get a quotation for professional services


How to use Finhub to get a quotation for professional services

How is matching achieved? 

  • 11 October 2021
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How to use Finhub to get a quotation for professional services

How to use Finhub to get a quotation for professional services 

Finhub has been designed to save you the user and the service provide time. The service is free, fast and reliable making it the easiest way to obtain accurate quotations from validated audit and assurance firms. 

Simply select the service you need from the drop-down menu, enter your budget and a short description of your exact needs and answer to our questions which have been designed in such a manner so that the the service provider will obtain the necessary information to provide you with an accurate and binding quotation. 

For the user the process should not take more than 2 minutes.  


Tips for an effective enquiry 

These tips will ensure your quotation is accurate and you get to compare as much offers as possible: 

  • Use the free box to enter as much detail as possible 

  • Answer the questions as accurately as possible. 

  • Provide where needed all requested documentation and information 

  • Budget needs to be as realistic as possible and as such ensure you push it as much as possible so that more service providers will get interested to serve you 

  • Extend the deadline as much as possible to allow sufficient time for the service providers to process your enquiry 

All information provided is completely secure and used within the platform only with the service providers matched to you. Finhub uses the most sophisticated data security software and encryption techniques to safeguard its user's data. In addition, all our service providers are regulated locally by ICAPC and by their international associations, coupled with the GDPR requirements rest assured that your data and personal information are not shared with anyone. 


How is matching achieved? 

During the registration process, both users and service providers enter their unique information which is subsequently used by the platform to make the appropriate matching. 

For instance, users enter their location, budget and service providers profile whilst the service providers also enter the fee range, cities and type of services they would like to perform. Our sophisticated database process this information so that your enquiry will be send to service providers that want to perform the service at the appropriate fee range. 


How long does it take for the matching? 

The matching is instant as the service providers will receive your enquiry in their inbox and via our platform as soon as your complete your enquiry. 

Our service providers will send you their response within the specified deadline you have requested. This is normal as auditors, accountants and tax experts are extremely busy people who also need to review and process the documentation you have send them to give you their fee quotation. 

If you haven't received a response by the end of the quotation, then most likely your specified budget is too small for the service required and you will have to amend just that and resent your enquiry. 


Why haven’t I received an offer yet? 

If you have not received an offer then this could be due to a number of reasons with the most common being the low budget set up. Some other examples include: 

  • Low budget for type of services requested 

  • Poor description and use of the empty box – our service providers are extremely busy persons and if they get a sense that the enquiry is not serious or incomplete, they may choose not to send you a free proposal 

  • You may not have entered enough information.  

  • Your operation is too small for them to onboard – we only use regulated service providers who may be onboarding companies and self-employed persons of a certain size. 

Try updating your enquiry using the above tips. If nothing works call our team +357 25 080 495 for assistance. 

I have received several offers. How do I choose which one to co-operate with.  

Finhub will ensure you get as many offers possible withing your budget and service providers profile. Once you receive them in your inbox it is entirely up to you to contact them or do some research about their firm in order to choose which one will perform the service. Our job is to get you as many relevant and binding offers possible. The selection is entirely up to you. 


How do I get notified when I receive offers? 

Finhub will send you an email in real-time the offers from the service providers as well as notifying your Finhub account. 

Once you accept the offer you may call each other to proceed with the actual work. Usually the service provide will contact you over the phone or via email. Some technology savvy partners prefer to keep the communication within Finhub in a neat and organised manner.  

Make sure you are checking your inbox and your mobile for unknown numbers and off course your Finhub account! 


Do I have to commit? Can I change my mind and decline all offers? 

Finhub ensures that your professional needs meet the expectations and the information requested by the service providers to arrive to an accurate quotation. Consequently, the match is as accurate as it can get and would be a pity not to proceed with the requested services. However, you can decline all offers. There is no obligation towards us to proceed with the offers. If you are not satisfied with the communication or the chemistry or would like to explore different options feel free to send your enquiry again and receive more offers. 


What else can you do for us? 

Explore our website to read articles about Cyprus corporate and tax matters written by ourselves, our service providers or articles written by other professionals which we believe are of great value. 

You can also explore our video tutorials which aim to enhance your knowledge on the services requested and also on tax and corporate issues affecting your company. 

Having more enquiries? Feel free to call as at +357 25 080 495  or drop us an email on 


Our team of accountants will be more than happy to assist you! 

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