How to use FinHub to find an accountant?


How to use FinHub to find an accountant?

Tips for effective usage of the platfrom

  • 12 October 2021
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How to use FinHub to find an accountant?

How to use FinHub to find an accountant? 


If you are reading this article, then you are at the right place! Our service is free, fast and easy and intuitive. Just follow the tabs and without knowing the process will be over. 


Quick Guide  

  • How can I find an accountant using FinHub? 

  • How long does it take to get an offer? 

  • How will I get notified? 

  • Are the service providers validated? 

  • How will I know the results are relevant to me? 

  • Do I have to commit to the offers received? 

  • How many offers will I receive? 

  • I have not received any offers yet 

  • If I get stuck, can you help me out? 


How do I find an accountant using FinHub? 

In 3 simple steps!

-- > 1. Select Service you need 

--> 2. Describe Job Characteristics

--> 3. Describe Service Providers Characteristics 

It is intuitively. Simply enter your details, then the jobs characteristics (budget, deadlines, comments) and the service providers characteristics (expertise, city etc). Then enter your credentials and wait for the offers to arrive in your inbox! 


How long does it take to get an offer? 

It really depends on your specified deadline (if you allow longer for the offers to be received the changes will be greater) and budget which if you are uncertain is best to be kept blank. The service providers will receive your inquiry in their inbox and revert to you accordingly. 

If you do not get a response within your deadline, give us call and we will review your enquiry to assess it. Usually, low budgets and short deadlines reduce the chances of getting results. 


How long will I get notified? 

All communication happens via the platform. You will receive an email in your specific email address and in your portal. You will be able to communicate with the service providers directly via the portal or as you please. 

Are the service providers validated? 

Offcourse. Only licensed, regulated audit and assurance firms are participating in FinHub. You can check their license on this link which is ICAPKs (Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants in Cyprus) the regulator. 

We also meet the service providers and know them in person before accepting them. 


How will I know if the results are relevant to me? 

You will only receive relevant results. This is the whole point of Finhub. To safe time to both users and service providers. You will only receive offers from service providers that meet your selection criteria and job characteristics.  


Do I have to commit to the offers received? 

No. Use and think of Finhub as mirroring what happens when you meet prospect service providers. You firstly receive the offer and if you accept it you proceed with the signing of the relevant engagement letter. 

If you are not satisfied with the offers received you can amend your quotation characteristics or even pursue a service provider outside FinHub. It is entirely up to you! 


How many offers will I receive? 

It depends on many factors such as budget, deadline for the quotation, specialization and whether it will be a one-off engagement. 

If I get stuck, can you help me out? 

Off course. Our support comprises of qualified chartered accountants who will be assisting you every step of the way. 


Some Tips 

  1. Read the service categories carefully and choose the one(s) most relevant to you. Ful service package is the most common one as it covers a comprehensive number of services your business needs from a compliance and statutory standpoint. 

  1. If you have never run your own business before, leave the budget field empty as unrealistic budgets will not return any offers. 

  1. Use the notes box as much as possible to describe your needs and important information to your circumstances. This will assist the service providers to get a clear understanding of your needs and provide you accurate quotations 

  1. Information and documentation used by FinHub is completely secure and is never shared with third parties other than the licensed service providers registered by FinHub and once they have accepted your enquiry. 


I have not received any offers yet 

If you have not received an offer this may be due to the below reasons: 

  • You may have entered an unrealistic budget 

  • You may have entered incomplete information  

  • You may have requested a specialised advice currently non available by the service providers  


Try searching and submitting your enquiry again. If you cannot receive any offered give us a call and we will examine your enquiry. 


What else can FinHub do for me? 

Our platform contains huge information of free material focused explicitly for companies and corporate information as well as useful tax calculators and news.

Take advantage of our library. 

What are you waiting for? Give it a go!!!!

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