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Trademark rights in multiple jurisdictions

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Today’s business owners have the opportunity to expand like never before. To avoid the worry of somebody illegally taking a piece of the pie when expanding and being part of the global economy, it is vital to protect one’s IP in as many countries as possible. The rise of technological development provides for a seamless expansion experience. This can be done either by directly applying to each jurisdiction or by using the facilitation of the Madrid system as explained below.

Conviction of the Republic for the collapse of a house

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The Paphos District Court recently issued a very important decision in relation to a house in the village of Armou, Paphos District, which collapsed due to subsidence. The court awarded the plaintiffs compensation for the purchase price of the house, i.e. €256,000, interest from the date of the claim until the plaintiffs' compensation, and the plaintiffs' costs of €5,000, as well as court costs.

The new Law on Teleworking

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Having being approved by the Cyprus House of Representatives on the 16th of November 2023, the Law which provides for the Regulation of the Framework for the Organization of Teleworking Law of 2023 [Law 120(I)/2023] (the “Law”) is now in force with effect from 1st December 2023.

The Law governs the rights and obligations of employers and employees when they agree to teleworking.

Personal Injury: Slip and fall accidents

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Slip and fall accidents are considered to be one of the most common types of accidents. They can happen at any kind of premises such as supermarket stores, hotels and guest houses or even at the workplace.

Common law has always recognized the liability on the part of the occupier of the premises against all lawful users of the premises, as an expression of the duty of care owed to a person’s neighbour. As mentioned in a previous article here, liability will be assessed on the basis of negligence as contextualized in Article 51 of the Civil Wrongs Cap. 148 (the ‘Law’). Occupier’s liability is specifically governed by Article 51(2)b of the Law which encapsulates the principles as mentioned below.

Personal Injury: Road Traffic Accidents - Duty of care

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Police reports showcase the high-rate Cyprus has as regards road traffic accidents. According to the collected data, out of 555 recorded road traffic accidents that occurred in 2022, 35 were fatal, 225 resulted in severe injuries and the rest in mild injuries.With a whopping percentage of 18.39% as the leading cause of fatal accidents being negligent and careless driving. If you have you been involved in a road traffic accident, it is recommended to also consult your lawyer to protect your legal rights and ensure you receive proper legal advice.

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