Service Provider Registration

Service Provider Registration

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Reach new heights. Gain access to new client base who need your services.

Save time and effort acquiring new clients. Grow your practice organically using our platform

Customise your enquiries

Receive the right enquiries only from the right leads for your services

Select the size, industry, city of interest, service offering and fee range from prospect clients so that you will only receive notifications for jobs that suit you. No spamming. You will be receiving qualified Leeds within your fee range and specifications.

Tailor exactly the profiles of prospect clients / leads you see.

There is no need to respond to each enquiry.

Save Valuable Time

Our platform was designed purposely so save you time.

Finhub ensures you get full access to lead information such as company details and officers details ensuring full transparency of the process.

We designed everything so that you save time managing and communicating with your new leads conveniently.

  • Take advantage of your portal which summarises all activity in a neat and organised manner
    Use the portal to review status and offer progress
  • Communicate instantly via the platform

Free Marketing

Publish your articles on our platform and get seen by thousand of users

Increase your online presence

Enhance your brand awareness

Reach new client base

Save on marketing costs

More benefits for your business

Publish your articles on our platform and get seen by thousand of users
Increase your online presence
Enhance your brand awareness
Reach new client base
Save on marketing costs

Premium Option

With the premium option you can have a dedicated account manager following up on your offers and communicating with qualified leads to review your offers. Your account manager will also review your registration status and make changes so that you get the most out of our marketplace.



We Help Professional Firms Grow

 Law, Audit, Immigration, Tax

Our sophisticated platform delivers validated enquiries from prospective clients to your doorstep. Finhub enables your audit and assurance practice to grow effortlessly by reaching new markets, simply by joining us.

Mature Your Business

We place you in the marketplace of thousands of business owners in need for your services. All you have to do, is send your fee proposal to your preferred audience.

Expand your Clientele

Reach your full potential, entering into new markets, smartly and effortlessly.

Fast, Smart, Effortless

Our automated service provides you with the fastest and easiest route to seek clients. You will receive emails in stated time for prospective services within your fee range.

Designed for Lawyers, Auditors and Immigration Professionals

We have designed everything from the angle of being a regulated professional in the current marketplace. The system is designed in such a way, providing a stop to spamming and telephone calls saving time and money.

No Spamming

Full inbox with irrelevant emails can be a strain for any business. We realise the value of your time that’s why you only receive few emails from real prospective clients, according to your criteria and fee range.

Free Marketing

We know the importance of branding that’s why we include your practice details in all our marketing channels and social media, strengthening your brand name and bringing you close to prospective clients.

Electronic Accountancy

Our smart design allows you to do everything electronically without the hassle of telephone calls and physical meetings with prospective clients. Everything is done electronically.

Simple Payment Method

We provide a free giveaway of 1 year subscription followed by an annual subscription fee irrespective of jobs awarded. We have kept everything simple to save you time and money.

Qualified Support

The back office support is provided by our team of professional accountants who were directly involved in the creation of FinHub. Quality of service is our number one priority!


The number of enquiries you will be receiving depends entirely on your registration criteria for your ideal client profile (service offering, preferred cities, budget etc). You can always amend them at any time. Our sales team can examine your registration criteria and advice you accordingly. Give them a call anytime.

No, the job offers will be circulated to our closed group of regulated service providers who are entitled to also provide the user with their proposals. However, as each job is entirely different and since we only use a specific number of service providers per city and size, rest assure that once you send an offer you have a great chance of getting the job or communicating with the prospect client to discuss their needs. If you want to increase your conversion rate we strongly recommend you to publish some of your articles with us so that the users will get to know you and your practise. Service providers who regularly publish articles tend to win more jobs as they indirectly validate their knowledge, something that our users like / feel safer.

Yes, this is the philosophy of our platform. To save you and our users time, effort and resources. The selection criteria take place during your registration process.

Nothing, you only have to pay your subscription fee annually as per the service providers terms and conditions in year 2 or year 3 of your registration with us.

We give a grace period of almost two years and your annual subscription becomes payable year 3 unless you receive a recurring client in year two. Please refer to the service providers terms and conditions for more details practical examples.

This is part of our marketing strategy, to include our vested service providers to the platform, have them experience our services and the exposure they get from the platform. If they wish to continue only then they will proceed with the annual subscription payment. We believe that this approach provides also full transparency.

Our Frequently Asked Questions can be obtained from here

We are using a pre-specified number of service providers per city and size so that you do not compete extensively against many other service providers but rather against a handlful size.

Once you send your offer the offer will appear as pending in your portal until the prospect client accepts it. Sometime, like the real world, the prospect clients take a while to respond for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, in their portal your offer appears which means you still have a chance of wining the job. Be patient. We remind you that Finhub mimics the real world in a digital manner; hence human behaviour and human issues you would experience in the real world are likely to be observed via our platform as well.

To get the most out of FinHub you must be paying attention to the email notifications you will be receiving for new jobs from the email address and to provide us with original content in article form or at least links of articles written by your firm in order to include them in our articles section. FinHub is generating new leads on a daily basis by providing to its users information and educational articles affecting Cyprus companies such as information about Cyprus Taxation, Cyprus Audi, Cyprus Corporate Governances as well as latest Corporate and Tax changes affecting them. One way to stay current with our users is also by sharing to them your articles!

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