Social Media Officer

Social Media OfficerREF.NUM: 586330

Social Media Management & Production - Junior / Semi Junior Position

We have 2 different enquiries for 2 similar vacancies as follows:

Young enthusiastic person is needed to assist the firm (Legal and Audit) with the production and distribution of social media. The firms need to come to speed with the social digital marketing and need daily assistance with their marketing efforts. At times the candidate will be collaborating closely with the management of the firm.


Ideal Candidate:

  • Marketing qualification will be considered
  • Exposure to Tik Tok, Facebook and all main platforms
  • Ability to organise workload
  • Ability to prioritise content creation and distribution
  • English Language
  • Strong communication skills


Remuneration: Fixed + Structure Bonuses. 

Remuneration depends largely on the skills of the candidate rather than diplomas etc.


Commencement Date: By the second QTR of the year 2024

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