Find the Right Cypriot Lawyers for your business in the republic


Find the Right Cypriot Lawyers for your business in the republic

Whether you are considering relocating to Cyprus or creating a Cyprus Company choosing the right lawyer is always key!

  • 3 September 2023
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Find the Right Cypriot Lawyers for your business in the republic

Whether you are considering relocating to Cyprus or creating a Cyprus Company choosing the right lawyer is always key!

Finhub is here to help

Some interesting facts

As you would imagine Cyprus being a financial centre has more than 4,300 registered lawyers. 

These are the persons who actively work at courts and or a law firm. Over and above there are lawyers who simply work in the industry and are not required to renew their license each year as they deal with corporate matters and not court representation.


So with so many lawyers, how do you find the right one for you?

Lets do a bit of digging and some stats analysis.

We believe the legal profession in Cyprus is similar to the audit profession as far as its representation is concerned and can be summarised as follows:

  • Biggest Law firms - < 10 law firms

  • Medium Size Law firms < 40 law firms

  • Law firms with > 5 employees - 5 % of the law firms in Cyprus

  • Law firms with < 5 employees - 70% of the law firms in Cyprus

  • Sole practitioners - 20% of the law population in Cyprus

Note: These are our best estimates based on our experience in the republic.


So how does it work? Which law firm is the right fit for me?

Like all things in life, not everyone suits or can service everyone. This is why we do not all shop from the same shops, drive the same cars and do the same things.

In services and especially in the law industry personal relations are of paramount importance and so is the the size of the law firm as we will explain below.


Why personal relations is so important?

For the simplest of reasons!  

Your lawyer must get you. You are in trouble and you need 100% accurate, effective communication. Cyprus Court Trials are long and tiring. Last thing you need is a mediocre lawyer to represent you who does not get you or whom you do not feel conformable with.


Size of law firms

From experience we believe you should be represented by a law firm of equals size to your organisation or pocket! 

Big Law Firms

Big law firms are expensive and / but will most certainty do the right job for you. Having said this it does not mean that you will be dealing with the partner of the law firm but rather their assistant or an associate lawyer. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on law firm you have engaged with. Once thing is certain though: if you can afford it and the stakes make sense it is preferably to engage to a bigger law firm than a smaller one which however has the right expertise for your case. If they do not have the expertise, it is our view that you will not be getting anything other than fat bills simply because they will learn on your case rather than truly protect your interests. 


Expertise - The Most Important Selection Criterion 

Is of paramount importance and it should be your compass when choosing the right law firm.

Tricks, errors, building the right evidence, logistics, omissions are factors cases are won or lost.  They are the neat details needed to win at court and like any expertise you must find the law firm that processes these skills.

So before selecting amongst the first law firms that appear in google or other marketing nests, try to find articles and cases similar to yours and possibly pin point a few law firm that may be the right fit for you. Thereon, you can off course conduct them and decide for your self which seems to be the best fit for you.


So what about smaller law firms? Cant they represent me?

As we mentioned above, not all law firms can service all clients. Big is good for big cases and so it small for smaller. Also don’t forget that the principal of small law firms are more likely to handle your case personally than an associate lawyer in a big law firm. 

Fees are off course not comparable and expertise? You can do your research to ascertain of the principal of the small law firm can represent you. Read their articles, see their website, discuss with them or do as much research on the topic to see if his or her name appears in any successful court trials etc.


How can FinHub help?

We are an online quotation search engine where the user can find the right lawyers to his / her needs. Size of the law firm, expertise, fee ranges, location are some of the characteristics needed to pinpoint the most suitable lawyer to your needs.


How does FinHub work?

The users of FinHub can use the engine to obtain binding quotations in their inbox for free. These quotations can be obtained from lawyers, immigration experts, accountants and other regulated service providers.

Finhub gets paid from these service providers who pay finhub for marketing and access to the users requests.


Any difference to the “real world”?

None at all. 

Finhub mimics the real world in a digital manner.

Not all offers will be successful and not all users will engage via our platform. However, all users and all service providers are validated hence whether or not they engage lies entirely on them as it would in the real world.


Why should you use Finhub?

Because you can find the right service providers (lawyers, accountants, immigration experts) in few minutes without the need to physically meet them or call them. 

Step 1.

Send your enquiry based on your service requirements and service providers characteristics

Step 2

Patience. No need to do anything else!

Our service providers will send you their offers and information about their expertise and firm material (this part is entirely up to them as it would take place in the real world).

You can then spend as much time reading the material, communicating with them if they have convinced you and engage with them at your own time.

Finhub did its job! It brought you the right service provider and saved both of you tons of time.


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